Bob Bly, author of 95+ books and the man McGraw-Hill calls "America's top copywriter," reveals how you can ...

Double or triple your advertising response rates!

… without spending a dime more on ad space, increasing the size of your ads, or running your ads more often.

Dear Marketer:

With CAN SPAM laws and spam filters blocking so many e-mails, e-mail response rates are plummeting.

Similarly, “do not call” lists are making it increasingly difficult to reach your potential customers by phone.

Now, some states are considering “do not mail” legislation to block direct mail.

Laws on the books now prohibit fax broadcasting to strangers – so you can’t promote your product to prospects by fax, either.

And half of your online ads never reach your audience because of pop-up blockers installed on their PCs.

In such an environment, print advertising – once thought to be on the verge of extinction – is making a powerful comeback …

As marketers discover the uncanny ability of magazine and newspaper advertising to break through the clutter — and get skeptical consumers to respond.

In many ways, making money with print advertising is a lot easier – and less complicated – than direct mail or online marketing.

The fact is, you don’t have to be a genius – or a great copywriter – to create print advertising campaigns that breaks sales records.

You just have to know the basics and a few of the tricks of the trade.

For instance:

  • A company offering IT training made one simple change to the space ad for their seminars … and the number of leads generated by the ad doubled.
  • A software publisher modified the wording of the offer in one of their promotions – and watched as their gross sales increased tenfold.
  • Fortune 500 computer company offered, in addition to a brochure on their global consulting services, a free CD of a recent tele-seminar … and response increased sixfold.

All of the above are promotions I wrote for clients … using the techniques and methods outlined in my e-book, Ads That Sell: Proven Strategies for Doubling Your Advertising Results.

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In Ads That Sell, you’ll discover tips, tricks, and techniques that can double or triple response to all your ads – classified, fractional, or full page … magazine, trade journal, newspaper, even Yellow Pages.


  • How to get lucrative freelance copywriting assignments for print advertising. Page 93.
  • What do copywriters charge to write print ads? Page 99.
  • Should a copywriter ever write ads on spec for a client? Page 100.
  • The 10 commandments of writing an effective print advertisement. Ignore them at your peril. Starts on page 6.
  • Do you need a catchy slogan or pithy tag line for your print ads? The answer may surprise you. Page 32.
  • 31 ways to generate more inquiries from.
  • How to review ad copy submitted by your agency, staff, or freelance copywriter. Page 58.
  • 5 qualities that most successful ad campaigns have that average ad campaigns often lack. Page 12.
  • The “PAP” formula for writing potent ad copy. Page 20.
  • The 8 basic types of ad headlines – and when to use each. Page 17.
  • Why writing small ads is actually more difficult than writing full-page ads … and how to fit all your sales points in the tiny space available to you. Page 46.
  • 10 secrets of successful financial advertising. Page 44.
  • How to create an effective Unique Selling Proposition for your product – and communicate your USP clearly and persuasively in your ad copy. Page 63.
  • 42 questions to ask before you write your ad. Page 56.
  • What a duck quacking in the rain can teach you about writing engaging ad copy.Page 8.
  • 9 ways to sell more merchandise in advertising aimed at consumers. Page 50.
  • The “MAGS” strategy for creating a winning corporate ad campaign. Page 49.
  • The 4 functions of the headline. How many are your headlines performing? Page 14.
  • Rules for ad layouts. Page 25.
  • 9 reasons why ads fail. Page 52.
  • How to improve results to health care advertising. Page 48.
  • 32 sources of content you should check before you sit down to write the first draft of your ad. Page 55.
  • Need to illustrate your ad? 8 visuals you can use to get the reader’s attention and drive home your selling point. Page 23.
  • 11 rules for using response coupons in your ad. They still work – contrary to what your ad agency is telling you. Page 29.
  • The principle of “push-pull” and how to use it successfully when advertising to dealers, distributors, and other members of the trade. Page 43.
  • 7 tips for creating business-to-business advertising that sells. Page 37.
  • Portfolio of model ads – includes: benefit ads … brand advertising … news ads … free catalog offers … character ads … testimonials … celebrity endorsements … “false logic” copy … sample offers … positioning ads … and more. Starts on page 66.

One other thing: I’ve been writing ad copy for more than 25 years … working 60 hours a week, 50 weeks a year … and teaching others to write ad copy for nearly that long.

There are very few copywriting teachers with as much experience as I have.

And none I know of who have written ads for a wider variety of products and services … everything from software and computer systems, to chemicals and industrial equipment, to publishing and financial services, to logistics and security.

The techniques I reveal in Ads That Sell cost my clients millions of dollars to develop and test … and now they are yours for a tiny fraction of that investment.

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“OK, but what will it cost me?”

How can you get great copy written for your next ad or learn to write it yourself?

Copywriting Boot Camps, as you probably know, are expensive. Two famous copywriters recently charged $5,000 for their Boot Camps.

Hiring a top copywriter to write your space ads is also expensive – $3,000 or more for a single full-page direct-response ad … plus a fat bonus or royalty.

Ad agencies cost even more. Most won’t help you with your ads unless you’re going to spend at least $100,000 a year with them – or much more than that. And before you hire an ad agency, talk to their clients … and ask whether their ads actually made money. The answer may shock you.

In any case, Ads That Sell won’t cost you $100,000 … or $5,000 … or $3,000 … or even $100.

Instead, the price is just $39 – less than I charge for just 5 minutes of my time!

And if Ads That Sell doesn’t help you create ads that get your phones ringing off the hook with new business, you don’t pay even that much. Here’s why …

Our 100% iron-clad guarantee of satisfaction

I totally guarantee your satisfaction with this program.

If you aren’t convinced that Ads That Sell is the smartest investment you’ve made in your advertising education this year, just let me know within 90 days.

I’ll give you a full and prompt refund. And you can keep the e-book with my complements.

That way, you risk nothing.

Do my advertising secrets really work?

“Bob, the response we’ve received from your copy has been nothing short of tremendous,” says John Fallone of IT Group International. “We’ve derived significant business from these unforgettable mailings.”

Why not use my methods, proven for over a quarter of a century in the marketplace, to create ads that make this kind of difference in your business … and your bottom line?

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Robert W. Bly, Director
CTC Publishing

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  • How to get great testimonials for your ads … and where to use them in your copy. Page 44.
  • The magic of “false logic” – convincing the reader that you know what you’re talking about no matter how complex the topic. Page 35.
  • Using the “Copy Length Grid” to determine whether your ad copy should be long or short. Page 50.
  • How to prepare for a copywriting assignment. Page 3.
  • Reach your prospects on a deeper level using the “BDF formula” to uncover their core buying complex. Page 40.
  • And more …

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